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Employee Benefits

Greylock Insurance Provides Excellent Employee Benefits For Your Berkshire County Business

The needs of your employees are ever changing. Your ability to satisfy these fluctuating needs can often be the difference between retaining an employee long-term or losing them to a competitor whose offering something better.

For businesses of all sizes, keeping up with the dynamic employee benefits environment can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. We feel it would be a mistake to forego designing a good benefits package just to try to save money or time in the short-term. Instead, the team at Greylock Insurance can help you find the right balance of options that will not only motivate your employees, but also meet your bottom line goals.

We will guide you through the required employee benefits, as outlined by the state of Massachusetts, and optional benefits that enable you to increase compensation and attract the best employees. It’s important to understand which benefits are mandated, like workers’ compensation, and which optional benefits, such as retirement benefits, would be most desirable to your employees. In addition, we will prepare you for the legal and tax implications of both kinds of benefits.

The Greylock Insurance team is the trusted “virtual” Human Resources department for many businesses, just like yours, who require proactive benefits management. We can free you of the most labor-intensive activities, including open enrollment, claims services, employee surveys, and retirement planning, while helping you manage your costs and reduce risks.

If you are ready to work with Berkshire County’s employee benefits specialists, then contact Greylock Insurance today, (888) 200-4445. We look forward to helping you select employee benefits that go above and beyond the basics.

Greylock Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of employee benefits solutions to our Berkshire County neighbors, including:

Benefits Administration Services

  • COBRA Administration
  • FSA/HRA Administration
  • Claims Direct Services

Benefits Consulting Services    

  • Employee Communication & Education Material Collaboration
  • Legal Compliance Guidance
  • Summary Plan Document Review & Update
  • Employee Benefits Orientation/Group Meetings
  • Benefits Administration Streamlining Assistance
  • Wellness Program Initiatives
  • Benefit Claims Adjudication Assistance
  • Benefits Program Long-Range Planning
  • Employee Benefits Cost Analysis
  • Voluntary Benefits Planning
  • Retirement Plan Analysis

Human Resources    

  • Supervisor & Management Training
  • New Hire Orientation Program Development
  • Annual HR Compliance Guide
  • Employee Surveys
  • Human Resources “Hot Line” Services
  • Employee Handbook Development/Revision Assistance
  • HR Policy Compliance Assistance

Retirement Programs    

  • 401(k), 403(b), Roth 401(k) or 457(b) Financial Review
  • Retirement Plan counseling design

Greylock Insurance Agency is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greylock Federal Credit Union